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Values of Galilee College

Values of Galilee College

Galilee College values learning.

In keeping with this value, Galilee College

o promotes outstanding teaching.

o maintains a comprehensive and current educational program.

o emphasizes general education in all of its curricula.

o supports scholarly activity and professional development.

o encourages lifelong learning.

o advances the free exchange of ideas and beliefs.

o provides for educational access.

Galilee College values excellence.

In keeping with this value, the College

o encourages initiative, innovation, outstanding performance, ethical decision making, and accountability.

o nurtures the development and practice of leadership.

o assesses achievement to improve institutional effectiveness.

o offers support services designed to foster success.

Galilee College values positive relationships with its community.

In keeping with this value, the College

o anticipates and responds to education and training needs.

o plans educational programs with input from business and government.

o fosters cooperation with other educational institutions.

o sponsors activities for the enrichment of the community.

o encourages active involvement in public service.

Galilee College values its campus and its culture.

In keeping with this value, the College

o maintains a governance structure that emphasizes shared decision-making.

o promotes effective communication at all levels of the organization.

o nurtures a welcoming environment for diverse populations.

o implements appropriate applications of technology.

o provides an attractive, accessible, and functional environment for working and learning.

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