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Galilee College is not solely concerned about the academic development of students. The ultimatum of Galilee College is to form well-rounded individuals, hence there are other activities for involvement among the students.

The Galilean

The Galilean, which is the school's newspaper, is published quarterly. The staff is totally comprised of students who journalize, edit and manage the newspaper. Membership is opened to all students.

Galilee Student Association (GSA)

Galilee Student Association is multi-faceted and directs the activities of Galilee College students. The branches of this organization are academic, Social and Student Affairs. Together they discover, represent and meet the needs of the students.

Christian Student Movement (CSM)

The CSM is designed primarily to foster Christian awareness and participation within the college system and the community at large. The group aims at developing a sincere spiritual and social philosophy. The group participates in a number of community projects.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is for students who are able to meet on Saturday Mornings between 7:00-10:00 am. for the purpose of studying. The study sessions are conducted by the students, however, instructors are always present. A light breakfast of hot drinks, doughnuts, or other breakfast items are served. A small donation is usually requested by the club to assist with breakfast items.

Alpha Omega Alpha

Alpha Omega Alpha Fraternity/Sorority is a strong group of students whose G.P.A.'s are at least 3.00. The chapter strives to foster and promote a spirit of friendship, loyalty and cooperation among its members and to be of service to the college. Requirements for membership include good character and personality.

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club is organized for students whose desire is to gain an understanding of the practical aspects of the accounting profession. Students are encouraged to read the Journal of Accountancy and other accounting publications. Members of this club are usually aspiring Certified Public Accountants (CPA's).


Galilee College has a primary goal of seeing that students are successfully placed in job capacities. Students are requested to keep a current application on file. Although we cannot guarantee the security of jobs, students may be assured that every effort will be made in the search of suitable employment.

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