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Professional Seminars

Galilee College provides a large variety of professional seminars for individuals, groups, companies and clubs. These seminars are designed to offer improvement to attendees according to their needs and requirements. Galilee College Seminars will ensure that attendees align their intellect and philosophy with those who have already achieved certain recognition within the field. Seminars are held in hotels, convention centres, churches and at Galilee College. These Seminars are intended to create a new awareness or refresh ideas for growth, stimulation and success. These amongst others, include:-

Debt Restructuring & Debt Collection
Reorganization, Communication, Negotiations
Planning, Sales, Marketing, & Incorporating Ideas
Retooling, Reengineering & Privatizing & Outsourcing
Beyond the Bottom-line & Budget Preparation
Managing Change & Corporate Identification

Seminars are not offered in substitute for credits, but may be used in conjunction with a course. Participants of Galilee College seminars are awarded certificates.

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