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Mission of Galilee College

Mission of Galilee College

Galilee College operates as a private school in the Bahamas to anticipate and respond to the educational needs of the Bahamas, ensuring that all individuals have life-long opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and values. The College offers programs and courses of instruction through the Bachelor degree level. Galilee College fulfills its mission by

  • delivering college level technical education, college/university transfer education, general education, developmental education, continuing education, and workforce training.
  • providing a comprehensive program of services to students and the community.
  • utilizing a broad range of instructional methods, facilities, support services, and access options, including on-line facilities, to accommodate students of varied backgrounds, interests, and situations.
  • developing economic, cultural, and educational partnerships with its community and with other institutions throughout the Bahamas and beyond.
  • establishing an intellectual environment and organizational culture that encourage and support exemplary achievement.

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