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Admission Requirements

1. Graduation from high school or equivalent

2. Must meet one of the following:-

A. BGCSE (pass 5 subjects with at least a "C" grade)

A. Complete Galilee College Pre-College Program

B. If applicant is at least 21 years old:

i. Pass at least 3 BGCSE subjects

ii. Complete Galilee College Pre-College Program

3. Demonstrate the capability of maintaining an adult attitude.


Students may register at any time during the school year, however, the enrollment confirmation and scheduling process is completed during the three weeks prior to the commencement of classes. Galilee College class commencement schedule is as follows:-

September ....... Fall Semester April ..... Spring Semester

January ....... Winter Semester July ..... Summer Semester

For an application form and admission information, please write to:

Office of Admissions

Galilee College

P.O. Box EE 16-507 / Tel. (242) 364-8202

Nassau, Bahamas

Email galilee@coralwave.com


Placement tests are administered to all new students. The test scores are used to assist in advising students concerning programs, courses, and streaming.


It is the policy of Galilee College to accept credits gained at institutes Registered by The Ministry of Education and other Accrediting bodies. However, all courses being transferred in must be equivalent to those offered by Galilee College. Credits are ONLY accepted in the form of an official transcript properly sealed by the institution and sent directly to Galilee College. The College will not transfer in more than 60% of the courses required for any program.


Proficiency examinations for any course offered at Galilee College are administered upon request by the student for such examinations. The student must make a grade 'C' or better in order to receive a credit for the course. For a student to receive a diploma or degree issued through Galilee College, at least sixty-percent (40%) of the work completed must be through Galilee College.


Students are to attend each class session on time. Regular class absentees can result in either lower grades or dismissal from that particular class. The maximum time allowed for absences is five sessions.


Any student who does not achieve a cumulative GRADE POINT AVERAGE (G.P.A.) of "2.00" for two consecutive semesters will be placed on academic suspension during the next semester. A suspended student can re-enroll in any semester following the Semester of suspension. During that semester of re-enrollment, the student will be placed on academic probation.


A student on probation failing to receive a '2.00' G.P.A in any semester following suspension will be dismissed. Any student whose behaviour is in violation of the college's rules and regulations or is deemed unfit for the college will be dismissed without notice or warning.


A student with a "D" or "F" grade may repeat a course. If the "F" grade is a requirement, then that course must be repeated. Both grades, original and repeated, will appear on the permanent academic record, but only the higher grade will be calculated in the grade point average and in meeting graduation requirements.


Auditing a course permits a student to enroll in class and to attend its regular sessions and hot having to submit assignments or take examinations. The fee is $60 per credit hour, no grades or credits are awarded. A student can convert to credit status by applying to the Registrar prior to mid-term. At that point, the balance of the full tuition must be paid.


The final date for adding a course, changing a course, or withdrawing from a course is three class days after the commencement of classes. The necessary form must be completed for any of the above to receive college ratification.


A transcript shall be issued provided that all financial obligations to the college have been satisfied. The first two transcripts are provided free of charge, and there is a $15.00 charge for each additional one.


Any student withdrawing from a class must complete a withdrawal advice. The date of withdrawal is considered to be the date the advice is received by the administration office. The refund policies are as follows:-

Before classes begin 100% During first week 75%

During second week 50% During third week 25%

No refund after third week


A 94% - 100% Excellent 4.00 D 68% - 74% Passed 1.00

B 87% - 93% Good 3.00 F 0% - 67% Failed 0.00

C 75% - 86% Average 2.00


Students whose courses have been interrupted due to illness will be given an `I' grade. However, to remove an `I' grade, the necessary make-up work must be completed. Make-up work must be completed no later than two weeks after the end of the Semester.

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